To start monitoring your hashtags, you have two options:

  • You can create a project containing a specific hashtag (or a set of hashtags) only

  • You can integrate hashtag marketing within a larger project that monitors your brand name and other keywords related to your brand

Regardless of the option you'll choose, there will be no difference in the quality of the monitoring. It's simply a project management choice.

Go to Project Settings > Keywords and add there the hashtag you want to monitor.

You can also start a new monitoring project. Here's how to do so.

If you choose to have a project dedicated to just one hashtag only, you know that the project is reporting mentions related to that hashtag only. If you have projects monitoring several keywords, simply go to the Tracked Keywords filter and choose to see the report on your hashtag only.

Make sure to exclude your own social accounts if you don't want to receive mentions from there and do the same for other social accounts that you don't want to track. This is a very important step in the setup process as we know you want to get results as relevant as possible. If you don't want to include your own tweets or posts in your analysis or if you want to eliminate a specific account other than yours, make sure you set up this section.

You can track hashtags on all important social networks. Here's an article on how to perform hashtag monitoring on all social platforms using BrandMentions.

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