For a good monitoring of generic brands, we recommend you to fine-tune the monitored keywords. Go to Project Settings - Keywords and add “required keywords”, and, if it’s the case, exclude keywords as well. 

If you have a generic brand name, such as Apple or Elephant add terms related to your industry, so you get only relevant mentions, and avoid eating up credits. 

For example, if you want to track mentions from the brand Kylie Cosmetics, you can add at the required keywords section, terms that are related to the brand and for which you want to receive mentions for. In our case, you can add keywords like makeup, beauty, etc. Keep in mind that you’ll only receive the mentions that contain the required keywords as well.  

You can also exclude the name Kylie Jenner, so you won’t get any mentions about the brand founder, which is a highly mentioned public figure, but only about the brand itself. 

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