There might be the case where you won’t get any results for your project. 

This can happen for multiple reasons. 

One of them would be that there are no mentions for the keyword you’re tracking. The topic/brand/query you’re tracking might not be very popular or is very new and didn’t get the chance to generate mentions yet. 

Another reason why you’re not getting results can be related to the way you’ve set your project. Make sure that the monitored keywords are not misspelled. Also, within the “required and exclude keywords” section, check the words added there, as you might have narrowed the monitoring process too much. 

Also, if you choose to get mentions from a specific source only, there might be no mentions on those specific sources only. In case you’ve selected only a few sources at the project creation, try to expand the search by adding even more monitoring sources. 

If you are trying to monitor hashtags be careful to include both the keywords as you can see below ( #hashtag and the keyword hashtag (without the #).  For example (#starbucks, starbucks). 

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