The monitoring process is an automated one, and although is highly fine-tuned and uses a lot of advanced quality filtering, there might be cases when you’ll get mentions that seem irrelevant for your monitoring.

This happens because the tool tries to best match the keywords added for monitoring. If, for instance, you monitor a query that has a generic name (Orange, Apple, Anastasia Beverly Hills) the tool will offer all the results that can be found on this exact match. 

To avoid getting irrelevant results, fine-tune your monitoring process by excluding or adding additional keywords, from the Project Settings section. Also, make sure you monitor your keywords as case sensitive, exact match or broad match, according to your needs.

We know how much of a struggle it is to monitor generic brands. For example, telecommunications corporation Orange, or the technology company Apple. Our own brand is made up of a generic name: Brand Mentions (also referred to as BrandMentions or brand mentions or even BM).

In our case, the best solution would be to add Brand Mentions as a case sensitive tracked keyword. Chances are that people would mention our brand, and not the generic words, with a capital letter. This way, we'll get all the mentions for what is most likely our brand, Brand Mentions, and not the common noun, brand mentions.

If you need help with the setup please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you in fine-tuning your monitoring.

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