To set up an alert, you need to click on the Smart Alerts icon from the left-side menu. From this section you can add a new alert or edit an existing one. 

Click on +New Alert to create a new notification and select the type of alert you want to set:

  • Email

  • Slack

  • RSS Feed

  • Webhook

Depending on the type of alert you are choosing, you have different setting options.

Setting an Email Alert

Emails alerts will send you notification straight to your inbox. You can choose up to 5 email addresses to send the alerts to.

You have the possibility of sending email notifications for all your mentions or only for a segment (only the negative ones, or the high performance ones, etc.).

You can also choose the frequency of the alert (daily, weekly, monthly or real-time), as well as the hour and the time zone you want to receive the email notifications on. You need to know that the timezone you set will be applied to all your alerts.

If you check the Spike Alerts checkbox, on the top of the email alert, you'll also receive emails each time the number of the mentions register a sudden increase. Therefore, this extra alert will be sent on top of all the other notifications you may receive. Best use cases for spike alerts can be: Crisis management, campaign engagement, competitor monitoring, etc.

After you've done setting up the email alert, click Save. You can edit or pause emails alerts anytime you want.

Setting a Slack Alert

You also have the possibility of setting up Slack Alerts. Similar to email alerts, you can choose the segment of the mentions, the frequency and weather to receive spike alerts or not. The difference in this case is that instead of emails, the notifications will be sent to a slack channel of your choice.

Once you click on "Select Slack Channel", a pop-up will open, asking for your workspace’s Slack URL and your login details. Once you select the channel, click Save and the BrandMentions Alerts will be sent there, with the frequency that you set up.

Setting a RSS Feed Alert

Within BrandMentions you can also create RSS Feed alerts.

First, you need to set up the segment of the mentions you want to receive alerts for and the data range (last 24 hours or last week).

Once these elements are set up, an automated RSS Feed URL will be generated. Once you click on the URL, it will be copied on your clipboard so you can insert it in the webpage you want. Click Save once you're done with the set up.

You can create multiple alerts, for different mention segments.

Setting a Webhook Alert

For setting alerts via Webhook, please check out this documentation.

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