BrandMentions’ Smart Alerts allow you to create notification segments that best meet everyday monitoring realities. You can choose to receive alerts notifications for a specific set of mentions only (e.g: negative mentions, high performance, etc. ).

Go to Smart Alerts section.

If you want to set up a new notification for a specific segment, click on +New Alert, if you want to change the segment for an existing alert, click on the edit icon.

In both cases, a pop up similar with the one below will appear.

Click on the "Filters" drop-down arrow. You can choose from the existing segments, or you can choose to Create new segment.

Once you click on Create new segment, a pop-up will appear, allowing you to create a new segment, according to your needs. You can combine as many filters as you want, and once you're done, click on Save segment.

You will receive alerts notifications only for the segment chosen by you, according to your setup settings.

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