If you want to perform changes or edits to your projects, you have two possibilities of accessing the settings area: from the Project Settings area (on the left bar) or from the Edit Project area (the button right under the name of your project). 

What project settings can you change?

 Within the Project Settings area, you can make changes to the following items: 

  • The project name
  • Fine tune your monitored keywords by adding or excluding keywords
  • Add or change the domain names of the sites you want to track within your project
  • Switch On/Off the quality filter
  • Enable/Disable the real-time monitoring
  • Change the country/language you want to receive mentions from
  • Connect or exclude specific social accounts from your monitoring analysis
  • Require extra mention sources to get even more mention data
  • Enable or change the backlink monitoring setting and connect your Google Analytics account 
  • Manage your tags
  • Manage your filter segments
  • Delete the project

Step 1. Save the changes from your settings

After each change that you perform, for your new settings to be registered, you need to click on the save button, just like in the screenshots below. 

Step 2. Re-run your project according to your new settings

Once you've made a change to your project settings, a message like the one displayed in the screenshot below will appear, informing you that you need to re-run your project, to be consistent to your newly edited settings.

We recommend you to perform all the settings that you need, and afterwards click to re-run your project. 

Once you click to re-run your project according to the new changes you've made, you will be asked weather you want to delete the existing mentions that to not match your current settings or if you want to keep them. 

If you want to keep all the mentions that exist within your account already, regardless of the project settings you've performed, you should click on : NO, Keep them. 

If you want to curate your project and remove all the mentions that do not match your current settings, you should click on: YES. 

Step 3. Collecting the new mentions data

Once you perform a change to your project settings and click re-run, it might take a couple of minutes for the project to be done according to your new settings. If you want to make some other project settings changes meanwhile, you'd need for the project to finish running, and afterwards you can perform new changes. 

A warning message similar to the one below will appear once you try performing changes while the project is still running. That's why, as stated above, we recommend you to perform all the project settings changes that you need and click to re-run your project when you're sure you made all the changes. 

Depending on the project settings you've performed, new mentions will be added to your project or some of the mentions that were initially collected might be removed from your account. 

If for instance, you've initially created a project that collected mentions world wide and afterwards, from project settings you've changed the country to France, when you re-run your project,  you'll most likely have less mentions within your project.

On the other hand, if for instance you've added new keywords to monitor, most likely you'll have more mentions after the re-run is done.  

While your new mentions are being collected or some of the old mentions are being removed, you can still manage your mentions and perform other tasks within your account. A message similar to the one below will appear on the top of your screen. 

Once the analysis is finished, you'll get a message similar to the one below and you can refresh your data. 

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