To exclude keywords from your project, go to Project Settings > > Keywords to track> Exclude mentions that contain any of these words

Check the "Exclude Mentions that contain any of these words" box.

Once you do so, you'll have the possibility to add the keywords you want to exclude.

You can add a keyword here:

- as an exact match or case sensitive

- related to a specific keyword or to all of the monitored one

- found anywhere in the context of the mention or within it's proximity.

Add word(s) that you don't want your mentions to contain. Once you add a keyword here, the mentions containing that keyword won't be reported, even if your main monitored keyword(s) is present within the mention.

For instance, you are monitoring the brand "cognitiveSEO" but you add within the exclude section the keyword "digital marketing". Even if there are mentions containing the keyword "cognitiveSEO", if they contain "digital marketing" as well, they won't be reported.

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