If you want to share your dashboard click on the share icon in the right top corner of the page. (available under the Mentions or Analytics sections of the app). A new window will pop out. Once you click on the lock icon, a shareable URL will be generated.  

You can share the link to whomever you want, regardless if they have or not a BrandMentions account. 

If you want to preview your Dashboard, you can copy-paste the generated link in a browser tab or you can click directly on the Open in new tab button.

If you want to deactivate a shareable dashboard, go to Account Settings > Shareable Dashboards. Click on the lock icon to disable the shareable dashboard.

Another simpler method to deactivate your shareable dashboard is directly from the "Mentions" or  "Analytics" area. Click on the share icon, and then click on the lock icon. This way, the URL generated for the shareable dashboard won't be valid and the people you've shared it with won't be able to access it anymore.

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