When comparing your projects, you will get comparative data on the following KPIs:

  • Total number of mentions.

  • Total number of backlinks.

  • Total Reach for the mentions collected in the selected period of time.

  • Total number of positive mentions in the selected time range.¬†

  • Total number of negative mentions in the selected time range.

  • Web and social mentions distribution.

  • Top Influencers

  • Top Sites

  • Performance score calculated based on the number of total shares and the domain influence of the page.

  • Google Search Trends

  • The Sources of mentions¬†

  • The Location of mentions¬†

  • The Mentions by WeekDay chart

  • Language representation, including all languages that contain your mention.

  • Trending hashtags so you can easily see the most popular hashtags among your mentions.

  • Context of mention

  • Media Wall.

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