With BrandMentions you have the possibility of fully white label the app, by customizing the app URL as well.

From Account Settings, go to Whitelabel and Enable White Label for Application Domain.

Once you do so, you will have 2 possibilities:

Enable White Label for Subdomain

You can customize the app URL's subdomain, so it can include the name/company/brand that you want. Once you customize it, the app URL will look something like this: https://mycompanyname.brandmentions.com/.

To customize it, you need to add the subdomain name, the company name and your logo for different uses, just like in the screenshot below.

Once you update the changes, your URL, as well as the login page will reflect your brand identity. You and your team members will now log in using the newly created URL, on a login page customized with your own logo and company name (e.g https://mycompanyname.brandmentions.com/account/authentication#page/login).

Also, once you login within the app, the URL that will be displayed will be the one customized by you. Also, the BrandMentions logo will be replaced with yours everywhere within the app.

Enable White Label for Domain

You can choose to fully customized the app URL, by changing it with a domain of your choice. (e.g. https://mycompanyname.com ). To do so, there are a few steps you need to go through.

Step 1

Just like in the case of subdomain, you need to add the domain name, the Company name, as well as different versions of your logo for different uses.

Step 2

To set a custom domain for your account, you first need to add a CNAME record to your domain's DNS configuration and point it to BrandMentions domain. For detailed instructions you may have to contact your domain's DNS provider.

Here is an example how it can be done in DigitalOcean:

Name is the subdomain you want to use, and value should contain app.brandmentions.com. (with the dot at the end)

Step 3

After finishing the above steps, BrandMentions will start the process of installing your domain. Once it finishes, you will receive an email.

We are happy to announce that all of our custom domains have SSL certificates. These are installed manually and it can take 24-48hrs until we apply the new SSL. All traffic from http protocol is redirected to the secure https.

Step 4

Once you update the requests according to the steps above, the changes will be reflected within the app URL, the login page and the BrandMentions logo will be replaced with your own.

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