Within BrandMentions you have the possibility to configure a webhook to send alert notifications to a remote web server.

Webhooks are automated messages sent from BrandMentions to other apps when something happens. They're a simple way your online accounts can "speak" to each other and get notified automatically when something new happens.

To create Webhook alerts within BrandMentions, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to the Smart Alerts section and select Webhook.

Step 2. Add the Webhook URL of the app that you want to send the BrandMentions data to and click Save.

Step 3. Within the app you've previously chosen, you'll receive the mention information via POST in parameter data, similar to the examples below.


"social": [{
"title": "",
"url": "https:\/\/twitter.com\/oxbitcoin\/status\/1303594532475346944",
"date": "2020-09-09 10:22:00",
"performance": "72",
"text": "🔥🔥#OXBTC #ETH Airdrop Let’s share the dividends of ETH on Sept. Enter👇 1.Follow @oxbitcoin 2.RT & like 3.Tag 3 friends 4.Get 100% FREE #Bitcoin on:https:\/\/freebtc.oxbtc.com\/waterTap #Ethereum #Airdrops #Bitcoinmining #CryptoMining #Crypto #Blockchain @cctip_io airdrop 0.21 ETH 1000",
"name": "OXBTC",
"username": "oxbitcoin",
"profile_image": "https:\/\/pbs.twimg.com\/profile_images\/1237219564594708481\/W7-TTSlU_400x400.jpg",
"image_url": "https:\/\/pbs.twimg.com\/media\/EhdMAELVoAMzmPf?format=jpg&name=small"
"web": [{
"title": "Brand Monitoring Done Right | BrandMentions",
"url": "https:\/\/brandmentions.com\/brand-monitoring.php",
"date": "2020-09-02 14:58:00",
"performance": "67",
"text": "Brand monitoring is essential to any business success. By monitoring the most important channels on the web and social media, BrandMentions keeps you up to date with everything that matters in your niche and anything connected to your company.",
"image_url": "https:\/\/cdn.brandmentions.com\/images\/brand-monitoring.png"

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