A mention is a reference to someone or something. (brand, business, topic, person, etc.)

After you set up your project, BrandMentions will show you the mentions it collected.


On My Mentions you can see historical data about your mentions. Depending on the package you have chosen, you can have access for up to one month or up to one year of mention historical data.

You can check all your mentions, or look a the web mentions or social mentions only. Click on each mention from the list below the graph for more details. 

In the print screen below you can see what type of data is available for each mention.

  1. Type of mention: web, in our case. For those that come from social, you’ll see the icon for each platform (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Reddit etc.)
  2. Add a bookmark tag to mentions that are important to you and want to review them separately afterwards.
  3. Performance score: BrandMention’s score shows how important a mention is. It is calculated based on the total number of shares and the page’s domain influence.
  4. The number of total shares.
  5. The Domain Influence: a metric used to analyze the authority of a linking domain.
  6. Add a specific tag to mentions that a part of a third-party campaign, or advertising, or anything else that you desire.
  7. Sentiment Analysis: which helps you sort out negative mentions from the positive ones. Hover to see the tone of a particular mention: Unknown, Neutral, Negative, Positive
  8. Options for:
  • Mark as important.
  • Mark as not linked: the mention you are following doesn’t have a link attached to it. An example is represented in the print screen below.
  • Mark as spam: not related mentions.
  • Delete: from here you can remove the mentions that you consider not to be relevant or you don’t want to track them anymore. Once deleted, the mentions will be moved to trash. If you want to eliminate them definitively, make sure you delete them from Trash also.

Mentions that are tagged, bookmarked or unlinked will appear in specific categories in the left menu, so you can easily access them.

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