You can integrate your projects from BrandMentions with Zapier and/or your website using Google Analytics

To connect via Zapier go to Account Settings >> Integrations

You’ll receive automate BrandMentions notifications via Zapier or Google Analytics. Keep track of all your integrations and notifications from this area. You can also receive email notifications if you’ve allowed the tool to send you alerts.

Through Zapier, you can choose to perform multiple actions using the integration feature. Below are some examples:

  • Add new mentions from BrandMentions to Buffer.
  • Send direct messages to Slack users as soon as BrandMentions finds new mentions.
  • Add new mentions from the BrandMentions app to a Google Sheets Spreadsheet.
  • Save the new mentions found by BrandMentions as Evernote notes.
  • Send Hipchat messages once BrandMentions finds a new mention.

This way you can easily send automatic messages to your audience and to your team members.

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